NEELT - Our Fries Stabijhoun

The family at Islandview Beach 10 minutes from home

Neelt is the puppy in front. (the one with four legs) We're posing in front of some driftwood at Islandview Beach a few minutes drive from home

He was 12 weeks old at the beach

He was 12 weeks old here and saw salt water and beach sand for the first time.

Sand flies and seaweed.

Sand Flies were interesting as was the seaweed.

11 Weeks with Chris

Chris and Neelt are still a bit Jet lagged after arriving home a few days earlier from Holland. Neelt had no trouble with the flight or adapting to life on Vancouver Island. He's 11 weeks old here. (Neelt not Chris who will be 14 years old in a couple of weeks).

Sleeping on his bed.

For the first few days Neelt slept in the bottom half of the travel case but then we found him a nice blue basket (to match some of our Kitchen). He's really taken to this and considers it his place. The towels are ones that came with him from Holland and smell like Mom and his sisters. The bear was a buddy the boys gave him and in this picture he still has his nose. Neelt carries the bear around with him.

Cuddled on the couch.

Of course his bed isn't the only place he's comfortable. He takes over the couch when we're not around or even if we are. And, although he can't climb up himself he'll hang in there with his paws on the couch till we lift him up. I think he's in charge of the whole house already.

Our little Rebel

Linda likes this picture. This look on Neelt's face is his typical expression where he knows exactly what we want and has no intention of doing it. Chris calls him our little rebel.

Feeding time.

Of course, all puppies must eat and Neelt figures... why stand when you can lie down.

A Mouse in the Mouth

In addition to stealing socks and shoes and then running away Neelt also has his own little squeaky mouse. He's sitting here in the living room after getting the mouse and trying to figure out what to do with it.

The Backyard

This is the backyard and will eventually have a small kennel area where Neelt can do is daily business without being able to run out onto the road or sniff out rabbit poo for a snack. So we've started clearing some of the low branches and when we're done Neelt will have a nice cleanable area.

Stay Tuned