Neelt says "I Can Swim Too!"

Every once in a while my pets and I go for a walk by a lake.  They find a really nice stick and then while playing with it they lose it in the water.  So being the nice dog that I am,  I swim out and bring it back.  They brought along a camera and you can see me way out there looking for it.

Once I find it I bring it back to them.  Silly Humans,  they keep losing it in the water and I have to go back out and get it.

Eventually they get tired and I can come back to shore and shake all the water out of my fur.  Even so,  I'm still a bit wet.

This time,  instead of being nice and drying me off with a towel,  we walked for another 4km.  Well,  they walked,  I ran around.  With only two paws,  they can't run very fast.   Anyway,  along the way just before we turned around and walked the 4km back we found this dock that floated on the water.  As you can see I'm almost dry now.

By the time we got back to the car I was completely dry.  I had fun!!!!!!