Ami our Friesien Stabijhoun

Here we are in Dwingeloo, Holland doing the final paperwork before they viciously take me away from mom, dad and my siblings. I'll get my revenge!!!!

Here I am at 10 weeks old.  Am I not just sooooo cute?

Let's climb as high as we can.

It's my couch and if I lay here long enough and be really heavy Linda will fall off.  (That's the plan)

How tight a circle can I spin while still holding onto the ball.  I'm not sure since I haven't taken Centrifugal Force in Physics class yet.

Another picture of me while I'm still small and cute.  They haven't yet figured out that I'm actually really evil.

Almost 11 weeks old

My main job is to look cute.

Nothing like cool hardwood on a warm tummy.

Here I am at 12 weeks old.  I'm sleeping because I'm sick and no one knows what's wrong with me.  My head hurts and I run in circles till I drop.  I can't stop and it makes me so sad.

Rest in Peace dear sweet Ami. We will miss you.

(27Apr2009 -- 29Jul2009)